How to handle Skype interviews

Skype and video interviews are increasingly being used by recruiters to narrow down the number of job applicants at an early stage. The rise in remote working has also meant that Skype interviews are necessary to hire talent across the globe.   If you want to impress 42% of today’s employers, being able to come [Read more…]

We asked your fellow alumni: what makes a good boss?

The alumni community had a lot to say when it comes to talking about what makes a good boss when we asked them this month. Employers and employees alike seemed to agree that a good management style isn’t just giving out orders, but about taking an interest in their teams and being fair and respectful. [Read more…]

5 habits to instantly make you more productive

Are you struggling to get things ticked off on your to-do list? Do you find it hard to stay focused on your tasks, and feel yourself getting stressed as the work piles up? We all do sometimes. The demands of modern life can be overwhelming for everyone from time to time, which is why we’re [Read more…]

How to stay motivated during the summer at work or college

When the sun is shining it’s only natural for your mind to wander to thoughts of barbecues in the park and lounging on a beach far away from your desk. Most people find it challenging to stay motivated during the summer, but the work doesn’t stop just because the sun is out. You’ve got goals [Read more…]

Best apps for returning to study

Want to work smarter, not harder? Try using these apps to maximise your productivity. From clever study tools to timesaving hacks, these top apps for studying will have you covered both inside and outside the classroom.     IStudiez Lite/Pro What is it? A class and homework planner Why is it so helpful? This app [Read more…]